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by The Philharmonik

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Now that the majority of the world faces the danger of succumbing to this life threatening pandemic, there's also another side to it...Jobs. Many are losing jobs, not being able to afford necessities, and even when some do have a job, the dangers of those jobs do not match how much people should be compensated. Many are forced to find alternative ways to make ends meet. And for someone like The Philharmonik, its thinking about things like this song.


Approaching the first of the month
I don't think I have enough
To even afford my rent
I'm losing my will to live 
Once I hit age 26, I'm off of my mom's coverage
When she said get a real job
I probably should've listened 
Finances taking a hit 
I should go back college
Rack up 6 figures in debt
For a job I might not even get 
What's even the point of degrees
If imma end up on the street
Or working for Mickey Ds 
That's that bs I don't need

The other option on my mind
Is not one that I'd usually try 
But for the first time in my life
I think I might sell Drugs

La la La la
La la la la la la
La la
La la
La la La la
La la la la la la
La la
La la

School never mattered
But I'm really needing that fafsa
I better hope the money stack up 
Or my landlord will tell me to pack up
It's true that nobody give a fuck
Unless it results in their surplus
That make you wanna sell po up 
Or Make you grow old without growing up
At least if job market seems to fail
I'd kill in black market retail
At least then the bread would never stale 
Stunt on the people that never cared
And Put grub on all of our platters
But instead i became a rapper 
In my 20s, just so I could have some fun
But now, I only be lackin funds

Now regret is on my mind 
With things I probably shouldn't try
'cause for the first time in my life 
I think I might sell Drugs. 
La la La la
La la la la la la (might sell drugs)
La la
La la (For the first time in my life I think I might sell drugs)
La la La la
La la la la la la (might sell drugs)
La la
La la (For the first time in my life I think I might sell drugs)

The honest truth about adulthood
That Its full of empty promises
 I guess if you look at the positives 
You'll figure out everyone's winging it
My high school reunion is coming up 
I'm mad I don't even have time stunt 
On the people that didn't believe in me
That day is coming I swear you'll see
None of it matters the more you know 
Most of us coming from broken homes
Been through traumas that you wouldn't know
The things that you think when your really broke
That's the reason I don't villainize 
People committing nonviolent crimes 
So they can afford to live their life
And sleep under roofs during stormy nights.

Who are you to judge 
Who are you to judge 
Who are you to judge


released May 1, 2020
All Produced, Engineered, and Written by The Philharmonik


all rights reserved



The Philharmonik Sacramento, California

The multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, and artist The Philharmonik brings a revitalizing sense of urgency and musical depth to the shallows of the current mainstream music landscape. Talented and versatile, passionate and personal, The Philharmonik is a refreshingly creative force whether singing, rapping, producing, playing keys, or engineering a session. ... more

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